Tranquil Therapy Centre

The mission of Tranquil Therapy Center is to offer the quality of therapy services in a setting that is kind, well-mannered, and encouraging to children and their families, allowing each child to realize his or her full potential.

To encourage kids who are having emotional, social, behavioral, or physical issues or who have been traumatized to be the greatest versions of themselves by offering them hope and healing via therapy and preschool services.

Over the phone consultation, get in touch with Tranquil Therapy Centre if you believe your kid might benefit from therapy and preschool services. If an assessment is advised following a discussion of your concerns, we will schedule an appointment for your kid that meets your scheduling requirements.

In order to achieve the outcomes that are most important to you and your child, we use a “collaborating” approach in our therapy and preschool services. This entails working closely with you, your child, and your family.

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The Tranquil Therapy Center: Meet Our Team of Healing Professionals

Rahela Chishty

Special Teacher

Samiul Haque Chishty


Tahamina Chishty

Clinical Occupational Therapist

Jesmin Chishty

Clinical Occupational Therapist

Tania Akter

Supporting Teacher

Farhana Akter Borsha

Supporting Teacher

Ashikur Rahman

Special Teacher

Service Recipient Says

We can't express our gratitude enough for the incredible Speech Therapy services provided by Tranquil Therapy Centre. The speech therapists at Tranquil are exceptional - patient, understanding, and skilled.' They tailored the sessions to suit our child's needs, making the entire process enjoyable. Witnessing our child's progress has been truly rewarding

Rebecca Teacher