Tranquil Preschool is a haven of early childhood education, setting itself apart with a remarkable commitment to each child’s development. With a unique 1:1 service model, we ensure that each child is paired with a dedicated teacher, fostering a personalized and nurturing environment. What truly distinguishes Tranquil Preschool is the adherence to international standards in crafting our curriculum, setting them apart from other preschools in the country.

At Tranquil Preschool, children receive a comprehensive education that encompasses various facets of their growth. Our curriculum focuses on critical elements, including:

The commitment to holistic development extends to practical life skills, as the preschool teaches children to eat different foods independently and practice toilet training.

Above all, Tranquil Preschool places an emphasis on care and love, ensuring that each child feels secure and cherished throughout their early years. It’s an institution dedicated to nurturing young minds and bodies, creating a tranquil and supportive environment for your child’s journey into the world of learning and growth.