Occupational Therapy

Unlock Your Full Potential! Our Occupational Therapy empowers you to conquer life's challenges, one skill at a time

Speech & Language Therapy

Find Your Voice! Our Speech Therapy services are tailored to help you communicate confidently and express yourself.

Preschool Service

Where Little Minds Soar! Our Preschool program offers a nurturing environment for your child's early education and development.

Specialized Group Therapy

Strength in Numbers! Join our supportive Group Therapy sessions, where shared experiences lead to personal growth.

Parent Education & Support

Empowering Parenthood! Our Parent Education programs equip you with the knowledge and tools for confident and effective parenting

Mental Health

Embrace Wellness, Embrace Life! Our Mental Health services provide support, guidance, and hope on your journey to a balanced mind.

Your Baby's Guide to Joyful Development

Why Tranquil ?

Professional Therapists

We have the most experienced therapist recommended by hundred of happy clients.

Friendly Environment for kids

The little children love us for that reason. We interact with the most care and handle them with patience when needed.

Reasonable Pricing

We charge a minimal reasonable cost per session. More value for less penny.

With access to

24 Hour



Our team of experienced therapists is dedicated to providing specialized and effective therapies for children with various developmental, emotional, and behavioral needs.